Nintendo fans, the time is now to finally be able to play a Mario game on your iPhone or iPad. Super Mario Run for iPhone & iPad was released today as a free trial with a $9.99 in-app-purchase to unlock the full game of 24 courses spread across 6 worlds.

The game is an auto-runner that is to be played one handed. Mario automatically jumps over small obstacles and enemies like Goombas and Koopas, however you can time your jumps to stomp on them instead of merely jumping over them in order to gain more coins. 

One thing to keep in mind is that, at least as of the time of writing this, an internet connection is required to play the game--so don't bother if you're only interested in playing in places where you have no wifi/data connection. 

Another thing to watch for in the future is how sales are at the $9.99 price point and whether any discounting will happen in the future. While Nintendo's first party games on their consoles typically maintain their high price points, as we know the iOS App Store tends to exist in a highly distorted and bizarre realm where $9.99 is actually on the high side for a game purchase. It remains to be seen whether Nintendo can break through that or whether they'll be forced to have sales.